Main ways in which we provide person centred support

How We Spend Our Money

There are five main ways in which we provide person centred support to people affected by cancer at The Mulberry Centre: Information and drop-in support, counselling, therapies, welfare and benefit support and workshops.  In addition to the support that we offer at The Mulberry Centre itself, we also hold information desks and events in the community.  As well as informing people about the support offered by The Mulberry Centre, our community engagement work is an opportunity to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of different types of cancer and ways in which people can adopt preventive measures (e.g. diet, exercise, giving up smoking, attending routine screening) to lessen their chances of developing cancer.

In order for us to be able to deliver this wide range of support and information, we need to raise the funds and have a small fundraising team to do this.

Finally, underpinning everything we do are the activities that relate to good governance.

The costs of delivering all these elements of our work are outlined in our Annual Reports.  Click on the links below:

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