Project Description

Feedback from clients attending counselling sessions during 2023/24 shows that:
report improvement on their emotional wellbeing after counselling
feel less anxious and stressed
feel they are coping better after counselling

Psychological support

Acute psychological distress is an understandable reaction when someone is given a diagnosis of cancer, which will change their future forever.  Coping with this impact means an intense period of adjustment to the challenges faced.  It also means coming to terms with a perceived loss of control and living with uncertainty about the future – (Macmillan Cancer Support).

Our psychological support services are available to anyone affected by cancer (patient, carer or bereaved through cancer), with no postcode barriers.

This service is also available to anyone who has a chronic illness and requires end of life care and/or is supporting someone who is receiving end of life care.  In cases where the need for end of life and bereavement support arises through reasons that are not cancer-related the patient and/or carer must live or work in Hounslow or have been a recent inpatient at the West Middlesex Hospital to qualify for our services.

Please call 020 8321 6300 or email:
Latest Article: Coping strategies for living life with cancer by Penny Kiernan, Counselling Lead.

“Wonderful facility, very friendly staff & a really great counsellor who I felt comfortable with…”

client affected by cancer

The counselling sessions have impacted my outlook on my future and helped me look forward to life ahead.

client affected by cancer

“Really surprised how well remote worked.  I felt more comfortable being in my own home…”

remote counselling client

“Thank you! my counsellor kept me strong…”


“They have really supported me through this difficult time of losing my father so quick to cancer…”

bereaved client

“It was a wonderful gift! I didn’t want it to end, but I felt it was the right amount to make some significant shifts forward….”

client affected by cancer

“The sessions helped with the lockdown.  My counsellor was my lifeline…”

remote counselling client

“It has given me a weekly break & a chance to evaluate this past year & more…”


“It allowed me to talk openly in a one to one quiet environment…”


Speaking with my counsellor has greatly enabled me to face my fears, and now I just want to live my life, as best as I can for as long as I can.

client affected by cancer

Our psychological support includes

Individual Counselling

The Mulberry Centre offers 6 sessions of individual counselling to patients, their carers, and those bereaved through cancer. Anyone with a life expectancy of less than one year will be offered counselling for that period. There are regular support groups for patients, carers and the bereaved.

All our counsellors meet the standards laid down by either the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), or the British Psychological Society (BPS) and they have the certificate to practise.  Our counsellors all volunteer their time free of charge.

Support Groups

The Mulberry Centre support groups provide a safe and confidential space where you can have regular contact with others to share experiences.  Groups are facilitated by counsellors and may have up to 12 members.  The aim is to provide somewhere you can talk about issues that you may find difficult to express elsewhere.  The following groups are currently available:

Patient Group: – meets weekly in person on a Monday.

Bereavement Group: – meets fortnightly online on a Tuesday evening.

End of Life Group: – meets fortnightly online on a Tuesday morning.


Coaching is a process which enables a person to see their challenges, decisions or problems from different perspectives, to achieve greater awareness and to gain new insights. It provides space in which to think things through and time to talk in a non judgemental context, often about priorities, visioning for the future, feelings and values.
Coaching starts from the here and now and looks to the future and how things might be different – it will revisit the past only to inform future action.

Contact us to ask for more details or book a session with our Coach.  We offer up to 6 sessions spread across a 6-month period.