Make A Move For The Mulberry

You’ll be making a move for good!

For over 21 years, The Mulberry Centre has been improving the lives of anyone affected by cancer. We have provided services and support to over 15,000 people.

Today, we are the only information and support centre in the local area delivering free services to people affected by cancer: to people with a diagnosis, their friends, family, carers and those bereaved.
The services we provide include one-to-one counselling, support groups, complementary therapies, wellbeing classes, online workshops, information and awareness talks, and a peaceful space to relax and meet others, including our garden.

Initially Suellen came to the Centre as a carer, then as a bereaved person. She has attended the Art Class, Watercolour Class, Telephone Befriending service, Strength and Balance, Creative Writing, Counselling and Shiatsu.

“They have made ALL the difference, emotionally, physically and on my psychological wellbeing. The Centre’s staff and volunteers are wonderful and offer amazing support whether you are a carer, are bereaved, or have cancer. There is a good selection of workshops and one-to-one therapies to choose from and a friendly welcome when you arrive.” Suellen

To deliver our critical services, we need to raise around £720,000 in charitable donations and grants in 2023/24. We already have £397,000 pledged but still have £323,000 left to raise. We need your support to continue to help people cope with the impact of cancer in their lives and improve their well-being now and in the future.

‘Make a Move’ this year to do something good for you and in turn help The Mulberry Centre support more people at a difficult time in their lives. You can make a move:

• to be more active by taking on a physical challenge

Staying active reduces your risk of major illness, such as cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, and lowers your risk of early death by up to 30%. (NHS)

• to organise a fun activity – on your own, with friends, family, or colleagues

Having fun, taking on a challenge, having me time as well as socialising can improve your mental wellbeing and help lift your mood.

• to spread the word about the work of The Mulberry Centre

You will be informing people that we are here to offer vital support with a range of services and information for people affected by cancer. Hopefully more people like you will want to fundraise and donate to help others.

The most important thing is that you have fun in the process. And of course, that it makes you feel good in mind or in body or both!

Here are just a few fundraising ideas you could try:

• Have a picnic with family and friends
• Take on an active challenge – a run, swim, walk, abseil
• Hold a coffee morning
• Hold a knitting/crocheting fundraiser
• Hold a clothes sale/exchange
• Sponsored car clean
• Declutter and donate the proceeds
• Hold a music concert
• Grow a beard
• Hold a charity golf day at work
• Hold a pyjama day
• Hold a yoga/Pilates class and donate the proceeds
• Speak to 10 friends about the work of The Mulberry Centre
• Hold a charity golf day at work

So go on … join in The Mulberry Centre’s ‘Make a Move’ – you’ll be making a move for good!

Walk, Jog or Run!

You’ll find some active challenges here, including inflatable 5K and bungee jumps with allocated places for The Mulberry Centre . Simply sign up and fundraise for us!

Thank you

The Mulberry Centre Team

You Can Choose To Fundraise Your Way!

If you’re looking for inspiration you can find more information in our A-Z of fundraising ideas on our website here.

Let’s get moving together!

Thank you

The Mulberry Centre Team

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