New Coaching Service

New Coaching Support Service:

  •  Would you like to make some changes in your life?
  •  Are you facing a challenge?
  • Would you like to feel less reactive or overwhelmed? 
  • Are you having difficulties sorting your priorities? 
  • Would you like a clearer sense of purpose? 
  • Are you at a crossroads in life and don’t know which way to go?

 If you are a client of TMC and one or more of those questions resonates with you then you might like to consider being coached.  

What Coaching is:  

  • It is a one to one confidential service which gives time and space for you to find your own solutions and move forward.
  • The focus will be on where you are currently and how you would like things to be different in the future.
  • You will be listened to and your own thinking will be encouraged.
  • The process will be underpinned by a Statement of Understanding which both you and the Coach would sign.

What Coaching Isn’t: 

  • It does not give advice or opinions.
  • It is nonjudgmental.
  • If grief or distress prevents you from focusing upon what you want for your future you would be best to try counselling or therapy, and consider coaching later.

What are the potential benefits for a client from Coaching?

  •  You will be likely to gain new insights and a different perspective on your life at present and how you might wish to change it.
  • You will become clearer on your options for solving problems.
  • Your ability to pace yourself, recharge and build your resilience should improve.
  • Your self awareness should increase.
  • You are likely to become more reflective.
  • You can gain self-confidence and develop strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs.

What Coaching can focus upon.

  • You can focus on practical things-what needs doing, your priorities, where to start and how to get support.
  • You may want to consider how you do something and your impact on others.
  • You may wish to connect with your core values, with what really matters to you and with what gives you a sense purpose.

How does Coaching fit with other forms of support?

 The Coach works within an ethical framework and will let you know if something you need is outside of their training and expertise. Depending on the issues you raise, the Coach might suggest that you make use of a Counsellor or Therapist or another specialist, such as a financial or legal advisor.

The Coaching offer at The Mulberry Centre: 

  • Referrals for Coaching are generally made when you have completed a set of Counselling Sessions or following your initial registration meeting.
  • The Initial Coaching Session is an opportunity for you to give the coach an understanding of what prompted your interest in coaching and what you would hope to get out of the process. There will be a chance to look at the coach’s way of working and whether the “chemistry” feels right for both you and the coach.
  • If both you and the Coach agree to continue the process then a further 6 sessions will be offered, generally each about a month apart.
How Can the Mulberry Centre Help? 

The Mulberry Centre can help at any stage of your cancer journey, whether you have just been diagnosed with any type of cancer. We offer emotional support, counselling, complementary therapies, workshops on a variety of relevant topics as well as more social activities. 

If you want to know more, speak to us about your diagnosis or that of someone for whom you are close to or caring for, or you would like to hear more from someone about cancer, early diagnosis and treatment you can call us on 020 8321 6300 or email us on and someone will call you back.  

Your Coach at The Mulberry Centre: 

Our coaches are professionally qualified and, as with other providers at the Mulberry Centre, are fully insured and DBS checked.


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