The Mulberry Centre Staff

Raj is responsible for overall management of The Mulberry Centre and leadership of the team of staff and volunteers. Key responsibilities are: strategic direction of the charity; developing and implementing service enhancements; fundraising and promotional strategy; staff recruitment; development and building relationships with stakeholders.

Raj Athwal, Executive Director (Full-time)

Julie is responsible for the delivery of our comprehensive support and information programme and ensuring consistent high-quality delivery to anyone affected by cancer. Julie oversees the delivery and development of all our client support services by managing a team of five. She ensures that our projects meet the needs of the people we serve, are delivered safely and effectively, and meet all relevant legislative and safeguarding requirements.
Julie also works closely with the Executive Director to raise the Mulberry Centre’s profile through community engagement and awareness about the signs and symptoms of different types of cancer and ways in which people can adopt preventive measures.

Julie Quinn, Mulberry Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Services Manager (MMCISSM) (Full-time)

Penny leads the team of volunteer counsellors in accordance with the Centre’s guidelines to ensure that the Centre’s high reputation for it counselling services are maintained.

Penny Kiernan, Counselling Lead (Part-time)

Charlotte is the longest serving CISA at the Centre and is responsible for doing Welcome Assessments for our clients as well as offering emotional support in the Centre and to patients receiving palliative care at the Hospital.

Charlotte Burn, Mulberry Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Assistant (Part-time)

Lottie supports Julie, the Cancer Information and Support Manager to provide a comprehensive holistic cancer information and support service within The Mulberry Centre to meet the needs of cancer patients, carers and those bereaved as a result of cancer.

Lottie Felix, Mulberry Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Assistant (Part-time)

Debbie is responsible for all aspects of volunteering at The Mulberry Centre, including the co-ordination, recruitment, induction, support and training of volunteers, adhering to the Centre’s volunteering policies. Debbie matches the skills and availability of volunteers to the roles available and supports and monitors the impact of volunteering on the Centre’s activities.

Debbie Davey, Mulberry Macmillan Volunteer Lead (Part-time)

Amanda is responsible for the delivery and development of The Mulberry Centre’s one-to-one complementary therapies and group wellbeing classes to meet the needs of The Mulberry Centre clients.

Amanda Dixon-Nuttall, Complementary Therapy Lead (Part-time)

Krista will be working two days a week for The Mulberry Centre offering support to our clients when loved ones have been given an end-of-life diagnosis. This work provides non-medical, non-religious, holistic care for anyone at the end of life and their friends, family, and carers.

Krista Hughes, Complementary Therapy Lead (Part-time)

Lydia provides support to claim welfare benefits, grants and other financial support that may be available to those of who have experienced a bereavement. This includes informing people on the financial support available, making applications on their behalf and following through with applications to result.

Lydia Romaine, Welfare Benefits Information Lead (Part-time)

Indra is joining us on a year’s contract, as Community Engagement Lead. Indra will be raising awareness of our bereavement services in the local community in the Hounslow borough.

Indra Wallace, Community Engagement Lead (Hounslow Bereavement) (Part-time - One year)

Daniel is responsible for developing the fundraising and communications strategy, and primarily focuses on making grant applications, and working with companies and individuals to raise income, in-kind support and awareness for the Centre.

Daniel O'Brien, Fundraising and Engagement Manager (Full-time)

Penny is responsible for developing our Individual Giving, Legacy promotion, Supporter-led Challenges and Community Event programmes. She is also responsible for providing effective communications to raise our profile.

Penny Randhawa, Supporter Engagement Lead (Full-time)

Angie is responsible for the operational management of the Centre, overseeing the Front Office, Estates & Facilities and IT systems, supporting the ED and Fundraising team in finance related activities and handling the finance administration within the Mulberry Centre. Her role involves providing operational support to all staff and volunteers including producing key data for The Board of Trustees and the Fundraising Team.

Angie Forero, Finance & Operations Manager

Kam assists the Finance and Operation Manager to provide key support to staff members and volunteers across all the back-office functions of The Mulberry Centre, supports the implementation of internal financial and operational processes and coordinates all aspects of everyday building maintenance.

Kam Mann, Finanace and Operations Assistant (Part-time)

Santosh is one of the first points of contact for our clients at the Mulberry Centre. She is responsible for providing essential administrative support, dealing with face to face queries, telephone calls and booking appointments. She also provides day to day support to all our volunteers and staff members.

Santosh Chohan , Services Administrators (Part-time)

Jas is one of the first points of contact for our clients at the Mulberry Centre. She is responsible for providing essential administrative support, dealing with face to face queries, telephone calls and booking appointments. She also provides day to day support to all our volunteers and staff members.

Jas Toor, Services Administrators (Part-time)

Christina is responsible for assisting the front office staff to deal with client queries, booking appointments, maintaining the client database, and providing administrative support to our client services team.

Christina Kourkoutiadi, Administration Assistant (Full-time)

Helen is part of our fundraising team. She is responsible for raising income for The Mulberry Centre by securing funding from trusts, corporates, and high-net worth individuals.

Helen Pinnell, Philanthropy and Partnerships Lead (Part-time)